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Free and easy down the road we go…well only if you’ve kept up with your preventive vehicle maintenance. While some may stand by the ‘one size fits all mentality’ – at Jiffy Lube we stand behind a different way of approaching automotive maintenance. We have said it before and we will say it again, preventive maintenance according to your vehicle’s specific owner’s manual and unique requirements is the best form of car care.

Day in and day out, your vehicle transports the most precious cargo (that’s you!) and gets you from point A to point B. But, if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance you could be faced with a broken vehicle that will throw a wrench in your plans. Don’t let costly repairs put a roadblock in your day, and follow our preventive maintenance checklist.

Oil Change, Oil Change, Oil Change

How important are regular oil changes? So important that we had to say it three times. We’ve even developed our Signature Service around this component of vehicle maintenance. Why are oil changes important? You engine oil is a pressurized fluid that keeps all components of your engine lubricated and contributes to optimal engine functionality. Over time and with use, this fluid breaks down and loses its ability to perform – meaning higher chances of engine damage. By following your owner’s manual oil change recommendations, the oil within your vehicle will be changed before engine damage occurs.

Intermittent Inspection

During your Signature Service oil change, our technicians visually inspect a multitude of your vehicle’s major components for signs of wear and tear that could impact your vehicle’s performance. What else needs to be checked? Maintaining adequate fluid levels is a pertinent aspect of vehicle care. Likewise, checking headlights, brake lights and turn signals ensures you aren’t falling short of communicating your next move to other drivers. When you drive into a Jiffy Lube we will inspect all of these elements as a part of the Signature Service oil change package, and recommend action if necessary.

Tire Talk

The wheels on the car go round and round, but only if they aren’t flat. Visually inspecting your tires tread depth, and adjusting the pressure will allow you to battle the elements with your best rubbers. Be sure to pay close attention to the tread wear as this may affect your vehicle’s driveability. Having your tires rotated in line with your owner’s manual recommendations will ensure even wear and adequate pressure.

Find a Jiffy Lube near you to see what Tire Services they offer! Services can vary by location.

To Wipe or Not to Wipe?

Speaking of rubber, how are those wiper blades working for you today? The biggest issue with wiper blades is knowing when to change them. Do you change your wiper blades when it’s a bright sunny day out? Or are you the kind or person that finds out you’re in need of new ones when it’s raining? Your local Jiffy Lube will inspect your wiper blades rain or shine, so you can see more clearly with even the worst weather. Learn more about our windshield services and find the Jiffy Lube nearest you.

At Jiffy Lube we are pro preventive maintenance and proudly provide a full spectrum Signature Service oil change that encompasses all aspects of your preventive maintenance checklist. Drive In today and Drive On ready to rule the road.