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  • Services can vary by location, so click on Find A Jiffy Lube® to see all WINDSHIELD SERVICES offered at your local Jiffy Lube®.

For a clear and safe drive, properly maintained windshields and wiper blades are essential. Whether you’re driving on a bright, sunny day or a foggy, rainy night, your windshields and wipers must be in tip-top shape for optimal road visibility.

At Jiffy Lube®, we inspect your windshield windows and wipers top to bottom so that you can drive clearly and worry-free.

Windshield-Repair-ServiceWindshield Repair Service

Ready to experience the first-class glass treatment for your vehicle? Chips, cracks, and faults will be fixed on your windshield with an injection of polymer and TLC.

Windshield-Wiper-Blade-ReplacementWindshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Windshield wiper blades sweep strips of rubber across the windshield to eliminate water and/or grime that may be blocking your view of driving conditions. Harsh environmental conditions and age can cause your windshield wipers to wear over time.

Services can vary per Jiffy Lube®. Find the Jiffy Lube® closest to you today.