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  • Services vary by location. Please click Find a Jiffy Lube® to see a full list of BATTERY MAINTENANCE & REPLACEMENT services provided at your location.

A healthy vehicle battery is essential to your car’s overall health. Functioning to both store and provide energy to many electrical components during start-up including the ignition and fuel systems, a healthy battery is key. Regular vehicle battery maintenance or a vehicle battery replacement from Jiffy Lube® prolongs your vehicle’s battery life, keeping all the components it runs clicking, blinking, honking and shining even during the harshest Canadian winters.

Without strong and steady power pumping from your car’s battery, your engine will refuse to run. The battery produces a fundamental charge that races through your vehicle’s electrical system while simultaneously storing energy. We will work to make sure that magic never stops! 

BatterBattery-Diagnosticy Diagnostic

Having a Jiffy Lube® technician do a Battery Diagnostic Service, especially prior to a long drive, is a fast, simple way to long-term peacefulness. It only takes a couple of minutes to review and investigate the battery and charging system elements on a machine that lets you know with a large degree of certainty how much vitality is left in it. If our technicians determine the battery is okay, we will tell you. If the battery needs to be replaced, we’ll tell you that too and prescribe the proper replacement battery.

Battery-ReplacementBattery Replacement

Our technicians will check if your battery meets the expectations of your manufacturer’s recommendations. If not, we will swap out the battery for a new, high-quality one.

Battery-Terminal-CleaningBattery Terminal Cleaning

You may possess a very new battery and still have issues if your battery terminals are dirty or corroded. Jiffy Lube® experts will get rid of corrosion from the terminals and cable ends, administer anti-corrosion spray, and set up felt corrosion protectors to help protect against future corrosion.

Battery-End-Cable-ReplacementBattery End Cable Replacement

Battery cables transfer the current from the battery to other electrical elements (starter, alternator, fuse block). Without these cables, there would be no electrical power in any area of your vehicle. These cables can become corroded and cause poor connections, which will not grant the proper supply of current to be transported to the electrical elements in the vehicle.

Services can vary per Jiffy Lube®. Find the Jiffy Lube® closest to you today.