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More than just oil changes!

Jiffy Lube® understands the importance of keeping your fleet on the street. The many advantages of bringing your fleet to Jiffy Lube® include:

  • Minimal vehicle downtime – No appointment!
  • Save on preventive maintenance costs, thus increasing your productivity and profit
  • Access to over 60 convenient locations across Ontario
  • Adherence to owner’s manual specifications, keeping warranties valid
  • Service history records kept on every vehicle

Check out our fleet options below and fill out the contact form today to hear from a Jiffy Lube® Representative!

Jiffy Lube® Fleet Care

Pay as you go and save 10%!

  • Get 10% off your entire invoice on every visit
  • Payments are made at time of service (no credit)
  • Minimum number of vehicles may be required

Jiffy Lube® Fleet Care +

  • 10% off first $100 of each transaction
  • Detailed E-Trac reporting and monthly statements
  • Ability to create card policies and restrictions for complete control over your fleet
  • Fuel discount, depending on size of fleet

National Fleet Credit Cards Accepted at All Jiffy Lube® Locations Across Canada


Fast service at over 65 Ontario locations – with no appointment – in a clean, friendly environment.


We follow owner's Manual specifications for all your maintenance requirements.

Service History

Maintenance records kept up to date on every vehicle.

Our Warranty

Each service centre warrants its service and products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 3 months or 5,000km, whichever comes first.