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When you visit the Peterborough Jiffy Lube, you’ll receive customer service that goes above and beyond plain old car maintenance. Always eager to chat, joke and swap stories with their customers, the hardworking team at 646 Reid Street is led by Store Manager, Dave Bragg. Dave has called the vibrant arts community of Peterborough home for all his life. Dave loves that Peterborough is a big city with a small town feel and offers activities such as catching a concert at Del Crary Park or fishing on Chemong lake. And he knows that in a town where you can’t go out without running into someone you know, you’ve got to build and protect your reputation for quality service. That’s why at Jiffy Lube, we don’t take the safety and health of your car lightly – we make it our number one priority. Visit the Peterborough Jiffy Lube today and shoot the breeze while you receive our signature fast and affordable service.

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Oil change champions – it’s what we’ve been known as since 1979. Since then, we’ve hit many milestones we’re proud of. We created the service reminder sticker on your windshield, introduced the first drive-thru service bay, and grew to over 50 Ontario locations to serve you better.

In the sprit of growth, progression and innovation, Jiffy Lube® stores have also expanded their service offering over the years to provide customers with more preventive vehicle maintenance in one convenient location.

Need a new pair of wiper blades after a tough winter? Does your battery need to be replaced?

Do it all at Jiffy Lube®! Come in and experience fast and no-appointment service no matter what maintenance your vehicle needs!

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Join the Crew that Cares

At Jiffy Lube, our team is built from personality and passion.

We are always interested in having people join us that share our mindset of going above and beyond, and that will work to maintain more than just cars, but relationships.

If you believe you have the charisma that will cause a customer to return, and the kind of warm attitude that makes everyone feel welcome to drive on in, we want to hear from you!

We're always looking for people to join our talented team. For instructions on how to apply online or in-store, please visit our Careers Page.