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  • Services can vary by location, so click on Find A Jiffy Lube® to see all TIRE SERVICES offered at your local Jiffy Lube®.

Keeping in mind that tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road, proper tire maintenance is important, if not necessary.

Tire Tread Depth: Do You Have Enough?

Adequate tread depth is essential for good grip on wet or icy roads as the tread pattern helps to remove water from between the tire and the road surface. Drivers with insufficient tread depth face longer stopping distances and reduced grip on the road – increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Visit your local Jiffy Lube® and we will check your tread depth for you!

Under Pressure

The right amount of pressure ensures that your tires are getting optimal contact with the road, which leads to improved fuel economy, and more even wear. At Jiffy Lube®, our Tire rotation Service fully checks your tire, maintaining the proper amount of pressure to ensure your tires are meeting the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tire-RotationTire Rotation

Why do I have to rotate my tires? Good question. Tire rotation is done periodically to even tire wear that occurs as you drive your vehicle over the years.

Been awhile since you last had your tires rotated? Bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube® today and we’ll have you in and out in no time!

Tire RepairTire Repair

 An improperly repaired tire may fail when driven at high speed causing loss of vehicle control. At Jiffy Lube®, driving safety is top priority! If you sense you have sustained a flat or damaged tire, bring in your vehicle to Jiffy Lube® today to have it repaired by one of our qualified technicians.

Tire SwapTire Switch

Changing seasons = changing tires.

In Ontario we’re lucky to have a variety of weather conditions as the seasons change. However, it’s important you have the proper set of tires to help you drive safe during the various seasons.

Whether you’re switching your winter tires for all season ones, or vice versa, bring your vehicle (and all your tires ON rims) to Jiffy Lube® and our quality trained technicians will have your tires switched in a Jiffy!

Tire BalancingTire Balancing

Routine tire balancing can help preserve your vehicle from wear and tear produced by the distribution of weight around your tires. Balancing your tires can also reduce or eliminate the pulses you may feel while on the road. If your last ride was a bumpy one, it may be time to bring your car in for tire balancing.

Bring your vehicle over to your closest Jiffy Lube® and our qualified technicians will ensure your tires are perfectly balanced for a smoother, more enjoyable drive.

Services can vary per Jiffy Lube®. Find the Jiffy Lube® closest to you today.