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Most people know salt can damage their car in harsh winter months, but did you know summer sand and dust can cause a surprising amount of damage to your car in warmer months? Here’s how those trips to the beach can hurt your car, and what you can do to protect it!

The Paint Job

The combination of sun and sand can erode the paint job on your car. Not only does sand start to eat away at the clear top coat of paint on your car, it will embed itself in any cracks or chips in your paint and worsen them.

The Windshield

Much like the paint on the body of your car, sand can cause damage and reduce the strength of your windshield. If there is an existing crack, grains of sand will collect on the windshield and become embedded. This can lead to overall weakening of the windshield. Extreme wind and sand could even scratch the glass and reduce visibility.

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The Air Filter

Sand and dust can also get in your mechanical system and clog the air filter. Your car’s air filter traps any particles in the air and prevents contaminants from getting to the engine of your vehicle. Too much sand or dust can clog the air filter and reduce airflow to the engine, which can lead to overheating and internal damage to your vehicle. Dust buildup in particular can also clog your cabin air filter and diminish engine oil quality, resulting in a need for more frequent vehicle maintenance.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from the Sand

Don’t sacrifice your beach days. There are ways that you can protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of summertime sand.

First, make sure to wash your car regularly. A spa day for your car can remove any sand building up before it can do any real damage. A fresh coat of wax can also protect from future sand buildup.

Regular maintenance also helps. It can protect your air filter from the harmful effects of sand or dust internally. Having your air filter and oil checked to make sure they aren’t clogged will ensure your engine gets the clean air it needs to breath. Find a jiffy lube near you and experience an air filtration service or windshield replacement so you can breathe easy, no appointment necessary!

Drive in. Drive On (to the beach!).