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Tire switch services are offered at the following Jiffy Lube Ontario locations:

Changing Winter Tires

We all know Canadian winters are tough! Prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season and stay safe on the road by installing winter tires. Choosing to install winter tires on your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to improve your traction on the road and improve your breaking abilities in the snow. Made with quality rubber compounds, installing winter tires is a great way to keep you driving confidently all winter long!

Jiffy Lube Ontario makes changing your winter tires a positive experience with our well-trained technicians and quality tire changing services.  Whether your snow tires are on separate rims or all set to go, we’re your neighborhood tire changing experts.

When should you install winter tires?

Installing winter tires depends on the weather outside. It is recommended that you change to your snow tires when the temperature stays regularly around 7 degrees Celsius. Even if the snow has not yet fallen, a temperature below 7 degrees Celsius can eventually harden your tires and make them less effective in colder weather. Coming in for Jiffy Lube’s tire change service will help keep your all-season tires intact while installing snow tires will keep you safer on the road.

What is the difference between All-Season Tires and Winter Tires?

All-season tires create a stable handling in either wet or dry conditions. Winter tires provide an enhanced braking performance in snowy or icy conditions and help reduce the snow build up on your tire treads. Installing winter tires is a great way to feel confident on the road and will provide you with a more controlled driving experience in the winter.

Visit your participating Jiffy Lube location for any of your tire change service needs. Drive in and Drive on to a safer winter and better driving. Change your snow tires today and beat the cold weather this season! See you soon.

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