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The cold winter weather is just around the corner—don’t let it take you by surprise. Plan ahead and winterize your vehicle to keep you and everyone else on the road safe!

We all have that list of responsibilities that piles up quicker than we can check them off; at Jiffy Lube Ontario, we are here to keep you organized and safe this season. Check out our helpful winter driving tips before the slush is sloshing and the snow is falling!

Invest in Winter Tires

All-season tires start to lose their grip at +7 degrees Celsius, and they prove to not be as effective as winter tires in heavy snow and ice. By purchasing a set of winter tires, you’ll shorten your braking distance up to 25% and gain additional traction—this could be the difference between staying safe and risking unnecessary collisions. Winter tires may be an investment, but they are one worth making!

  • Drivers with winter tires are eligible for the Ontario insurance discount. Ask your insurance provider about the opportunity for cost savings on your policy.

Pack a Survival Kit

Make your own mini survival kit for those unexpected roadblocks. As a starting point, we’ve put together a helpful list of items to pack:

  • winter gloves
  • a blanket
  • booster cables
  • windshield wiper fluid
  • a first aid kit
  • a flashlight (or other source of light)
  • a snow brush
  • a safety vest
  • water
  • energy snacks (that will keep through the winter)
  • a cell phone charger
  • a GPS (or other source of navigation system)

Prioritize Everyone’s Safety

Before the winter season officially starts, speak to your employer about their protocol for bad weather. Ask whether it’s possible to work from home or work flexible hours to commute at a safer time. If either of these are not an option, you need to leave earlier, drive safely, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Do NOT Rely on Cruise Control

Avoid using cruise control in the snow, ice, or rain. If your vehicle hydroplanes or skids, you will continue to accelerate and your tires will overspin—by staying in control of your speed, it’s easier to react to the road conditions around you.

Keep Your Tank Full and Your Phone Charged

In case of an emergency, always keep a full tank of gas and a fully charged phone. Not only does a full tank of gas provide you with a safety net if you get stuck in traffic, it adds weight to your vehicle that will slow it down in harsh conditions. As a helpful tip, keep a spare cellphone charger in your car in case your battery runs low.


Don’t leave your loved ones on the edge of their seats—let them know when you safely arrive at your destination. Create a habit of communicating with someone (your mother, sibling, significant other, or friend) when you leave and arrive at your destination so somebody knows where you are at all times.

  • Even if you don’t have an active cell phone plan, you can dial 911 with no added charge to your bill.

Rushing is NOT an Option

Winter driving requires patience and precautious thinking Set your alarm to go off 10-15 minutes earlier so there’s time to clear the snow and ice from your vehicle’s windows, lights, mirrors, and roof. Then, start your vehicle and wait for the interior windows to clear so your vision will be unhindered.

This winter, stay alert, slow down, and stay in control. With 59 Ontario locations, Jiffy Lube offers a great place to pull over for some preventive maintenance or even to stop in for a coffee while you wait out the bad weather.

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