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You’ve heard a bunch of people praising Jiffy Lube® for its quick and convenient drive-thru vehicle maintenance. But maybe you’re still skeptical.

It turns out there are a ton of reasons why you shouldn’t drive into Jiffy Lube®!

Reason #1: You don’t want your car to run smoothly

You like to take risks. You live for the thrill of seeing if your car will start each morning, or if you will be stranded somewhere because you neglected vehicle maintenance.

Reason #2: You want to spend money on a new car

You want a new car. Who doesn’t love car payments? It’s tough to convince your spouse it’s time to get a new vehicle when your car is working perfectly fine thanks to Jiffy Lube® car maintenance.

Reason #3: You love spending time at the dealership

You enjoy spending time at car dealerships and find the anticipation of waiting weeks for your service appointment exciting. The coffee, the old magazines, the long waits, the forced small talk. What’s not to love?

Reason #4: You want to spend time away from home

The only place you get a break from the boredom or chaos of your household is the peace and quiet of your car. Jiffy Lube® oil changes typically only take 15-30 minutes, and you can drive in whenever it’s convenient for you. This means you’ll need to go home sooner than later.

Reason #5: There are too many convenient locations

You are annoyed at the fact that there’s a Jiffy Lube®  everywhere you go.  Did you know that there are over 60 Jiffy Lube® locations in Ontario?

Reason #6: They have too many money-saving coupons

Jiffy Lube® regularly distributes money-saving coupons and runs promotional offers, so who knows how much you’ll save servicing your vehicle there.

Reason #7: You don’t want to win monthly cash prizes

You hate having chances to win. By being a Jiffy Lube® Advantage Member, you are automatically entered into a monthly cash draw. Enough already!

Reason #8: You don’t value safe, touchless service

You crave physical touch and closeness during COVID-19. We’re talking firm handshakes and close talking. Jiffy Lube® offers a touchless experience and their technicians are way too focused on preventing the transfer of viruses and germs. Where’s the fun in that? You were hoping to call in sick for work.

Reason #9: You don’t want to spend time doing fun things you truly enjoy

You have too much time on your hands. You have nothing to do but pursue hobbies and leisure activities. Frankly, it’s getting old and quick oil changes certainly won’t help.

Reason #10: You want to wait weeks for an appointment

Booking appointments brings you joy. When you look at your calendar, you like it to be stacked like bricks. Appointments give you something to look forward to, and you like it when businesses tell you when they can squeeze you in for routine oil changes. Jiffy Lube® is always appointment-free, so there goes that fun!  

Reason #11: You’re already an expert on car maintenance

You—or your partner—consider yourself to be an expert in car maintenance. You’ve heard rumours that Jiffy Lube® technicians try to educate customers to make more informed choices about their vehicle. Forget that! No one knows better than you. Protect your ego and stay away.

Reason #12: You want to get your hands dirty

You love getting your hands dirty—literally. That’s why you take care of your own oil changes. Nothing beats disposing of old oil and spending an hour at the sink scrubbing grease, oil, and ingrained dirt from your hands and from under your fingernails. Plain soap and water don’t work very well, but you’ve got lots of industrial cleaner on hand that dries out your skin.

And there you have it: 12 solid reasons why you shouldn’t go to Jiffy Lube®. Consider yourself warned! If you choose to drive in and have a quick and friendly experience despite these warnings, don’t say we didn’t tell you so. ;)