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The switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil

You drive into your local Jiffy Lube® and find out that they no longer supply the conventional motor oil you’ve been using since the day you got your first car. The first question that must be going through your mind is, why is synthetic oil replacing conventional oil?

Why synthetic oil will replace conventional oil

 All automotive service establishments, including Jiffy Lube® Ontario, have been making the switch from (GF-5) conventional oil to (GF-6) synthetic motor oil. This shift is to support the ongoing push for greater fuel economy. In fact, by 2024, 8 out of 10 cars produced in North America will be equipped with Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines, and these engines require the increased protection that only GF-6 motor oil can provide. The good news – today’s new GF-6 oils are backwards compatible for most gasoline-powered vehicles on the road today, even older ones.

What’s the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil?

Conventional oil is a lubricant refined from crude oil, whereas synthetic motor oil is man-made with high-quality chemical compounds. This perfectly curated blend of motor oil is better for your engine, reducing wear and tear and contributing to a longer engine lifespan, and better for your fuel economy. It’s a win-win!

Advantages of synthetic oil over conventional oil

  1. Reduce engine wear: The synthetic compound contains performance-enhancing products, protecting your engine better than conventional oil. This reduces the wear and tear to your engine, meaning fewer repairs and more money in your pocket.
  2. Increased Fuel Mileage: Synthetic oil has a lower viscosity allowing the oil to move smoothly through the engine. This reduces friction and increases fuel economy allowing you to travel farther before your car calls for a fuel top-up.
  3. It keeps the engine clean – As we all know, our engine calls for timely oil changes to prevent sludge from forming. Fortunately, this is less likely to happen with synthetic oil as the compound prevents deposit formation, keeping your engine free from debris.
  4. Better all-weather protection – In cold conditions, common in Ontario, conventional oil takes longer to run smoothly, risking the life span of your engine. However, synthetic oil can flow easier and protect your engine at a much faster rate.
  5. Improving Horsepower: Synthetic oil’s enhanced ability to reduce friction means you can expect your car to move faster than it has before.

 Which synthetic oil is best for your vehicle?  

As a starting point, you should check your vehicle owner’s manual recommendations to see the grade of motor oil your car requires. Your vehicle’s manual will contain a symbol to tell you what type of compounds your engine calls for, and these symbols can also be found on the synthetic motor oil bottle. Though this switch may appear daunting, rest assured it isn’t one you have to make on your own.

Your local Jiffy Lube® experts will make this switch stress-free. Drive into your local Jiffy Lube® Ontario location and let us take care of your vehicle for you. Our Signature Service Guarantee warrants our products and workmanship for 3 months or 5,000 km after the service.

Leave it to the Jiffy Lube® warranty-approved experts to install the right synthetic oil for your vehicle.  For more information about our oil changes and other vehicle maintenance services available at your local Jiffy Lube®, click the Find a Jiffy Lube® button below.