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All pet owners know what we mean when we say pets are family. You’ve grown to love the toys that are left out, late night walks, belly rubs, and the not so fresh breath that comes with owning a pet. All kidding aside, you and your furry friend have created an inseparable bond. With all of the fun summer activities planned, we understand how hard it is to leave our pets behind!

Pack up the kids, the suitcase, and your four-legged friends because we have some great tips to keep your pets safe and comfortable during your next summer road trip!

No Pet Gets Left Behind

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and head outdoors. Although vacations are a time to relax, there are safety precautions to follow to keep everyone safe. As a pet owner, never leave your pet unattended in a hot vehicle. In fact, in less than fifteen minutes your pet can suffer from heatstroke. Signs of overheating include panting, extreme fatigue and drooling.

 Five Pet Road Trip Tips

  1. Seatbelt: Just like humans, pets should always have a type of pet seatbelt or restraint in the car. In the case of an accident, you want your pet to stay safe. Smaller pets should remain in their cage with a seatbelt around them and pets with leashes should have enough room to readjust their position.
  2. Pet Kit: You never know where your trip may take you. Remember to pack an emergency kit for yourself as well as for your pet. This should include extra food, water and any needed medicine.
  3. Travelling Goodies: Leaving the comfort of their home environment can be stressful for pets. Make sure you pack a few of their favourite toys to keep them comfortable for the trip ahead. A few ideas of things to bring are a water bowl (or portable water bottle bowl), treats, chew toys, their favourite blanket or pillow.
  4. Rest Stops: Just like us humans, pets need a break from travelling. Make the long ride more enjoyable by letting them get out and let out their energy and stretch with a short walk.
  5. Practice Rides: Not all pets enjoy car rides. In fact, some animals get anxiety and car sick while travelling and need to work their way up to a long car ride. Start by taking your pet out for small rides and then when the big road trip day comes, they will be more accustomed to it!

Tender Loving Care

Remember to show your pet a little TLC on the road. Just like kids…they may need some extra attention but can easily enjoy the trip! Make the most of your road trips and bond with your cuddle buddy.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Although you may think your pooch is practically human – not everyone does. Plan ahead and research pet-friendly hotels before you take off on your summer vacation. Find fun places to stay while on route or before you take off! This will make sure your whole family gets a good night sleep so you can continue on your way.

 Easy Arrivals

Follow these pet road trip tips and you’ll be cruising around safely with your beloved animal all summer long! If you need a small break from your pet, there is also no shame in getting a good pet-sitter.

Visit your local Jiffy Lube before your next road trip to get your car maintenance needs in check! At Jiffy Lube, we are always happy to see your furry friends!