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Driving at night is a big responsibility that should always be taken seriously. It’s important drivers stay alert and aware of their surroundings to keep themselves and other drivers around them safe.

Driving At Night

There may be less vehicles driving on the roads at night, however the problem is often visibility. It is difficult to see small details on the road during the late hours of the night, or see the same range in front of your car clearly.

Here are some great tips to improve your night drive, while staying safe on the road.

LED Headlights

Purchasing LED headlights is a great investment if you are someone who does a lot of night time or highway driving. LED Headlights have a long life, require little to no maintenance, and provide you with a wide range of visibility.

Not sure when to have your headlights turned on? If you are not driving a car with automatic lights, make sure to turn your headlights on one hour before dusk, and off one hour after dawn. This will make sure that other vehicles on the road can see you too.

Note: When replacing your headlights make sure that they are properly aligned. Asymmetrical headlights can actually give you less road coverage and leave the oncoming traffic blind.

Night Driving Tip List:

  • Put on your low beams when a car is in front of your vehicle.
  • Keep your windshield clean to avoid glare from other vehicles.
  • Use low beam lights when you drive on a foggy night to see better.
  • Don’t speed. Instead – plan for extra driving time. More people speed at night when the road is clear. Drive smart and get home safely.
  • Remain a good distance behind other vehicles. A great rule of thumb is to stay three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. Remember that distances are harder to measure at night.
  • Keep your vision to the right side of the road to avoid being blinded by oncoming traffic.
  • Check your blindspot before moving into a different lane. It is often harder to see vehicles at night.
  • Dim your interior dash panel at night for better visibility.
  • Don’t forget to wear your glasses if you have a prescription.

Whether you’re a beginner driver or an experienced one, night driving can be difficult. Drive with confidence and arrive safely at your destination with these simple tips. Before you go on your next drive, visit your local Jiffy Lube to ensure your vehicle is in top night driving condition!