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Tire Change Service in Sudbury

Routine tire maintenance is an essential part of ensuring you're safe on the road. That’s why at Jiffy Lube® Sudbury, we offer professional tire changes that will prepare you and your vehicle for whatever weather comes your way. When you purchase a tire change service at Jiffy Lube® Sudbury, you can drive easy knowing that your vehicle’s tires are road-ready.

Seasonal Tire Switches in Sudbury

Whether you’re switching your winter tires for all season ones or vice versa, bring your vehicle (and all your tires ON rims) to Jiffy Lube® Sudbury, and our trained technicians will have your tires switched in a "Jiffy!"

A winter tire change service will help keep your all-season tires in good condition while keeping you safe on icy winter roads. In addition, we mark all the tires that we take off so that we can rotate them when we re-install them at the end of the season. This helps extend the lifespan of both sets of your vehicle’s tires.

Tires not on rims? Select locations also offer the tire switch service for tires that require mounting on rims – Find your local Jiffy Lube to see all tire services offered at your location.

Why Get Your Tires Switched at Jiffy Lube® Sudbury?

At Jiffy Lube® Sudbury, your safety is our number one priority. Use seasonal vehicle maintenance, like tire changes, as a reminder to bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube® Sudbury for other regular maintenance services; we offer windshield wiper blade replacements, battery replacements, light replacements and more!

Whether you are putting winter tires on, or switching them out in the spring, Jiffy Lube® Sudbury has the tire switch service to meet your needs. Simply drive in, have your seasonal tire change completed and drive on ready to face the seasonal elements. No appointment!

When Should You Change Your Car Tires?

When seasons change, so should your tires. All-season tires are effective until temperatures dip down to below 7°C. Once the temperature drops below 7°C, all-season tires stiffen and begin to lose traction as they aren’t equipped to deal with extreme weather conditions such as black ice or heavy snowfall. However, winter tires consist of softer rubber and specially designed treads that provide better traction on the road in these colder conditions.

Come See Us at Jiffy Lube® Sudbury!

Need your tires switched? Drive into Jiffy Lube® Sudbury today and we’ll have your tires changed quickly by one of our qualified technicians. No appointment!