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Unsure of what your vehicle’s differential is? Not to worry.

Differentials consist of a gearbox that is located in between the wheels of your vehicle. Great spot for them? We think so too. Powered by your engine, the differential works hand in hand with your transmission to energize the axle that propels your wheels.

This crucial contraption consisting of a series of gears is also responsible for making your vehicle turn in one fluid motion. Speaking of fluid motions, did you know that your differential fluid requires regular replacement? But before we talk about replacement it’s important to know how this fluid functions. Differential fluid works as a lubricant, reducing wear and tear, while transferring heat away from the gears. As time rolls on, this fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated making it less effective in reducing friction, which will really grind your gears.

Keep your vehicle turning on a dime by keeping up with regular differential fluid maintenance. Our Jiffy Lube® technicians will assess and change this fluid according to your owner’s manual recommendations.

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