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From Wine Country to Cottage Country, Ontario has some of the most scenic and highly sought after summer vacation destinations. Maybe we’re biased, after all we are Jiffy Lube Ontario, but having all this beauty right in your own back yard sure is motivation to take a summer road trip, or ten.

Here at Jiffy Lube we’ve compiled a list of road wise tips that will help you reach your desired destination swiftly and safely all summer long!

Defensive Driving
We’ve all been in the scenario where the sun is shining, and you start to accelerate when your favourite song comes on the radio. Next thing you know your driving faster than intended. It happens to the best of us, but encompassing defensive driving tactics every time you hit the road will ensure that you reach your destination safely. The Canadian Safety Council estimates that 85% of accidents are preventable, so make sure to keep adequate space between you and the vehicle in front of you, obey speed limits and traffic signs, and most importantly drive distraction free.

Devise and Conquer
A summer road trip can be plenty of fun, but forgetting to formulate a fuelling plan can leave you frustrated. Save yourself the headache with some quick and easy planning tips.

  1. Know your route: We are all for using GPS technology, especially when they tell you where the nearest coffee shop is, but they can be unreliable. Read over and write down your directions before departing so you have a backup just in case.
  2. Plan an alternate route: As Canadians we know that summer really should be renamed ‘construction cone’ season, meaning many popular routes will face drastic slow downs or roadblocks. Navigate your way seamlessly by doing research ahead of time and planning an alternate route around heavy construction areas.
  3. Find your fuel: If you are travelling long distances, or heading off the beaten path, make sure to plan out your fuelling checkpoints so that you can grab a full tank of gas and drive on.

Seat Belt Safeness
It’s safe to say that it’s pretty common knowledge that seat belts save lives, but we’ll remind you anyways. It never hurts to take a quick second before you head out to make sure you and your passengers are buckled up. That click you hear when fastening your seatbelt gives you the green light to start your engine and roll forward.

Cargo Check
On every trip it’s second nature to secure you and your passengers with a seatbelt, but it is equally as important to ensure your cargo is safely secured as well. Don’t just stow and go, or next thing you know you may be pulled over roadside doing some reorganizing. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that all belongings are packed in such a way that you can still see out of all your windows and mirrors. Additionally, it’s popular in the summer to transport items such as kayaks or canoes and mountain bikes outside or on top of your vehicle. To eliminate any safety hazards, make sure you follow recommended best practices for tying those items down. Adding extra tie downs doesn’t hurt and the person driving behind you will appreciate not having to dodge rogue water toys.

Towing Talk
‘Tis the season for towing. Many of you are probably taking various toys such as boats, personal watercrafts and four wheelers to your summer sanctuary. To arrive at your destination with your truck and trailer intact, make time to properly trailer all vehicles and use additional features such as a safety chain for back up. We also remind you to check your trailer lights, as they will let the drivers behind you know what your next move is.

Maintenance Message
Coming in strong at the finish is preventive vehicle maintenance! To ensure your car is ready to be a trusted and faithful road trip companion, having owner’s manual recommended service performed regularly is a must. Before loading your vehicle up with cargo, make sure you load it up with love by bringing it into your local Jiffy Lube for an oil change and 14-point vehicle check.

Team up with your local Jiffy Lube this summer and together we can ensure your vehicle is always road trip ready, in a Jiffy.

Drive In. Drive On.