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The engine air filter: protection and performance of your car’s engine

Dust and dirt beware! Working as your engine's security guard, the engine air filter blocks harmful contaminants such as dirt and dust from reaching your engine. During routine service, our Jiffy Lube® technicians will visually inspect the air filter and advise on if a replacement is required. Drive into Jiffy Lube® Newmarket today and drive on with ease knowing we complete engine air filter replacement according to your owner's manual service recommendations.

What are the symptoms of a dirty engine air filter?

Your engine has to work harder as dirt, dust, and other particles clog up its air filter. When you are overdue for an engine air filter replacement, you may notice an increase in fuel consumption. Other symptoms of a clogged air filter can also include your vehicle experiencing slower acceleration, dense black smoke emitting from your tailpipe, and higher running RPMs. Depending on the clog's severity, fuel economy can sometimes worsen, and occasionally, the check engine light might also turn on.

On top of getting dirty, engine filters also harden with age, making them more prone to tearing. If particles pass through the torn filter, there's a better chance of them damaging your engine's cylinder walls or pistons.

Replace your engine air filter at Jiffy Lube Newmarket

For those who drive regularly, engine air filters should be replaced every 25,000 km - 50,000 km. This variance depends on travel distance as well as road conditions. If you're not someone who uses your car very much, replace your filters every three years or so.

The experts at Jiffy Lube® Newmarket will inspect your air filter and let you know if a replacement is necessary. Consistently maintaining the air filter will significantly reduce the strain being put on your engine, helping keep your car on the road longer. To ensure your vehicle is running at its best, visit Jiffy Lube® Newmarket today for the fast, hassle-free replacement of your car's engine air filter. Drive in and drive on for safer, better travel.