At Jiffy Lube Ontario we believe in making vehicle care quick, worry-free, and accessible. So naturally, when looking for a non-profit organization to team up with we aimed to compliment our passion for preventive car maintenance with an initiative that assisted others through transit in a purposeful setting. Bring on the Wheels of Hope campaign — a partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society’s volunteer driving program of the same name. 

In just four years, Jiffy Lube has raised over $450,000 in stores across Ontario.

Did you know there are only 15 cancer treatment centres in all of Ontario? Thousands of cancer patients rely heavily on volunteer drivers from the Canadian Cancer Society to get to their nearest treatment centre.

This year, when you purchase a $3 Wheels of Hope Savings Book at a Jiffy Lube Ontario location you’ll save over $100 on Jiffy Lube services with the proceeds going directly to help cancer patients in your community get to life-saving treatments.

Let’s raise the checkered flag on cancer’s demise, together.

Drive In. Drive On.