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No matter how well you look after your vehicle or how often you visit your local Jiffy Lube for professional maintenance, some roadside emergencies are just simply unpreventable.

The summer will see its fair share of unexpected flat tires and windshield cracks which will cause drivers to pull off the highways and back roads to handle the situation.

Once there, would you know what to do? Whether your plan is to fix the car concern yourself or call up roadside assistance, there are 3 standard steps you should know down pat in order to protect yourself and your vehicle in the event of an emergency…

Quick Tip: Although we’re leaving winter behind and driving full speed into summer, emergency essentials never go out of season! Check out our Disaster Defense blog for a comprehensive list of items to include in your vehicles safety kit. 

Retreat from the Road

Just saw a rock bounce off your window glass, starting to see smoke billowing from under your hood, or feeling like your steering wheel is pulling to one side? Get off the road. It’s the best thing to do to put yourself and others in your vehicle out of harms way. Just a little friendly reminder that when pulling over take your time and slow down gently. Hard breaking and sudden moves can exaggerate traction and control issues.

When pulling over, if it’s possible to turn into a driveway or parking lot, do so. If a safe space to park isn’t obvious, make sure you’re as far as possible to the side of the road and immediately light up your hazards.

One of the greatest reasons minor roadside emergencies turn into fatalities is when someone gets out of their car to check out the damage or issue and oncoming traffic doesn’t see them. Pulling off the road a safe distance away is the first step to fixing your car concern without adding any injuries to the list!

Send A Signal

In the age of smartphones, it’s rare that you’ll end up stranded without a way to get help, but it’s still highly possible. In the case of a dead phone battery or poor cell phone reception in the area, it’s important that you display a distress signal if you’re stuck on a long stretch of a not-so-busy highway or slow back road.

First, pop your hood. This is a global sign for “I’m experiencing car troubles” and should attract assistance pretty easily. Also, try tying a cloth or bag around your antennae or side window that will wave for attention while you stay safe in the car.

Lock it Up

 Feeling especially unsafe on a deserted road? If you’ve already called for support and don’t need to rely on passerby assistance, keep your doors locked as you wait for your help to arrive.

Remember, although some emergencies are unavoidable, proactive preventative maintenance is highly recommended so that your chances of experiencing curbside calamities are super slim.

Find your local Jiffy Lube today and drive in for a quick onceover before you embark on any warm season road trips.

May your summer be roadside emergency-free!