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You know the feeling you get when a frigidly cold mass of Arctic air moves in and you decide it’s too cold to do anything? Your car battery feels the same way.

Chances are as a Canadian you have witnessed the chugging and struggling of your car’s battery at least once in your life. As you sit in the front seat bundled up and verbally coaxing (please start, please start, please start) your car to turn over, it dawns that your battery may just not have enough juice left in it to beat the cold. Outsmart mother nature and have your battery tested and replaced if necessary before the cold weather sets in and you’re stuck curbside.

Battery Testing

If you’ve recently been into a Jiffy Lube Ontario location for a Signature Service oil change, you have likely heard us mention your car battery. Some batteries are harder to access than others, especially in newer vehicles, but we are willing to test any of them as a courtesy check (completely free of charge!). There isn’t always a warning that your battery is getting weak, so if you can spare the time to have it tested, it will be worth the peace of mind. Ask for a battery check on your next visit to Jiffy Lube to help avoid battery breakdowns in the colder winter months.

Our technicians will hook up our diagnostic device to your car battery and provide you with a report of how much power your battery is cranking out. What happens if your battery doesn’t pass the test? We will go over our findings with you and recommend the replacement battery that is the best match for your vehicle.

Resulting in Car Battery Replacement

After your diagnostic is complete we’ll be sure to review all of the results and our professional recommendations with you. Being armed with all the right information allows you to make an informed decision on whether or not to replace your car battery.

Jiffy Lube services vary by location. If your Jiffy Lube offers battery replacement, an expert technician will remove the old battery and replace it with a new unit. Once installation is complete we will test the battery again to ensure everything is working at top-notch levels and you can Drive On confident that your battery is ready to tackle the winter weather. Please find your Jiffy Lube to see if Battery Replacement is offered at your location.

Winter Safety Continued

If you have been following our advice on how to be a winter warrior then chances are you’re ahead of the game. If not, it’s never too late to get prepared. You’ve done everything right, tested your battery and had a replacement battery installed if necessary, don’t skimp now! Make sure to keep a pair of jumper cables in your winter safety kit. That way they are at your disposal if you need them and who knows, you may just come to the rescue of another stranded motorist.

Not sure how to boost a car, we’ve got a blog for that! After reading our Get A Jump On It: A Beginner’s Guide to Boosting Your Vehicle, make sure to print the instructions and keep them with your cables for a quick point of reference.

Be Wise and Winterize! Jiffy wants you to get the jump-start on Old Man Winter this year by ensuring your vehicle is ready to take on the cold. Roll into your local Jiffy Lube today to get winter ready!