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Discover what can go wrong when your vehicle goes without an oil change for too long.

You wouldn’t decide to take a road trip without fuel, so why drive with low or dirty oil? Like gas, your car’s engine oil is needed to make sure your vehicle is healthy and operational. Getting your oil changed regularly helps ensure that you are ready to take on the open road.

The engine is the heart of your car, and engine oil is needed to lubricate the moving components in the engine that make your vehicle operational. A car without an engine is like a body without a heart; there’s no lifeblood to stimulate flow and create momentum.

What does vehicle engine oil do?

  • Keeps the engine parts clean from debris
  • Minimizes heat build-up in the engine
  • Protects the engine from corrosion
  • Helps improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduces friction and damage
  • Seals the combustion chamber to maximize engine compression

How often should I get my vehicle’s oil changed?

Several variables must be accounted for in determining how often to change your oil. These factors include mileage, climate, age of the vehicle, automaker, and type of oil. Since each car is different, our experts refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual, as well as the general condition of your vehicle, to determine how often you need an oil change. As a rule of thumb, drive into your local Jiffy Lube® at least twice a year to have our experts assess your engine’s oil and owner’s manual recommendations.

Why can’t I just wait for my car to tell me when to change my engine oil?

Many modern cars are programmed with algorithms that tell us the opportune time to get an engine oil change; however, they are not as reliable as the trained human eye. Your vehicle can’t physically detect the presence of dirt or small particles that get into the engine and its oil. So, your car is guessing when it needs an oil change based on temperature, engine output and various other specs. Instead of guessing, let our experts use their knowledge and experience to tell you if you need an oil change or approximately when you might need one in the future.

What can happen if I delay my vehicle oil change past the recommended service date?

  1. Poor fuel economy
  2. Engine overheating
  3. Premature engine damage
  4. Leaking oil
  5. Vehicle stalling
  6. Complete engine failure
  7. Blue exhaust being released from the vehicle

Don’t risk your car’s health or your travel plans; let the experts at Jiffy Lube® take care of your vehicle’s immediate oil change needs and build a recommended oil change cycle for you to follow. For more information about our oil changes and other vehicle maintenance services, click the Find a Jiffy Lube® button below to find your local Jiffy Lube®.