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When the seasons change so do our cars reaction to the outdoors elements. Our vehicles seem to be too cold or too hot, never just right. We’ve all experienced that overwhelming surge of heat that comes from your car after it’s been parked in the hot summer sun all day, and lucky for you we have some options to help you beat the heat!

Take Shade
While this may sound like a no brainer, it is definitely a point worth mentioning. Shaded parking can be a scarce commodity in some areas, however it may be worth the extra time to scope out this prime parking real estate! If you’re parking in an area long term this will drastically help to keep your car’s temperature lower. When you find yourself faced with no shade, park your vehicle facing north, this will help to limit the direct sunlight on your front seats and steering wheel.

Raise Your Shield
The 90’s had it right when everyone used sun shields to protect their vehicles from the sun’s powerful rays. Now that vehicles come equipped with fully functioning air conditioning systems, sun shield popularity has rapidly declined, but they are not without purpose. When that hot summer has its sights set on your vehicle and there is not a tree in sight you won’t regret your purchase as sun shields reflect the effects of Mr. Sun back into the great outdoors.

On The Rise
It’s no secret that hot air rises. Next time you get into your vehicle on a scorching summer day try turning on the air conditioning dial to come out at the lower vents by your feet. This tactic combined with opening your windows all the way will push the hot air up and out of your car.

Blanket Bonanza
Do you associate the official start of summer with the first time you sit down on your vehicle’s seat, only to be scolded by the heat? If you don’t like hot cross buns, be sure to keep a blanket or towel in your car and place it on the seat prior to getting in. Your laurels will thank you!

Just A Crack
We know what you’re thinking, and a crack in your window isn’t always a bad thing. This crack is intentional! When leaving your vehicle on a hot day keep your windows open just a crack to allow air to circulate. Keeping in mind security, be sure to leave enough of a gap to allow airflow but not an intruder.

Keeping the interior of your vehicle cool will keep you happy. Make sure to keep your car happy by having it serviced regularly, including having coolant levels checked to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat. Drive in to your local Jiffy Lube today and drive on into the summer!

Drive In. Drive On.