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Are the lights on, but you’re still in the dark?

Whether it is just one light or your dashboard has begun to resemble the Vegas strip, warning lights are a key component of your car-driver communication system. Dashboard warning lights come in a few main colours (red, orange/amber, green/blue) signalling their severity, and could identify a variety of different issues, making them intimidating for any driver.

Jiffy Lube is here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of the most common warning lights and their potential meanings for you. Read on to find out more…

Engine Warning Light

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Overnight, your vehicle can go from having the little engine that could, to the little engine that just can’t anymore. At the most unexpected and inconvenient moments you might find yourself looking at a flashing engine light that naturally gives way to instant panic, so here’s what might be going on:

Your dashboard could be giving you this warning for any number of reasons, including a loose gas cap, ailing spark plugs, or a faulty oxygen sensor.

FYI: A check engine light that remains on constantly signifies there’s a performance problem that needs fixing, however, this same light may flash on and off telling you that something is currently faulting, and to avoid further damage it is best to pull over safely, and call the pros (that’s us!).

Don’t wait until your stuck curbside with a smoking hood; Pop in to your local Jiffy Lube immediately to get your car scanned and identify the exact source of your engine issues.

Battery Warning Light

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Similar to how your body can need some R&R when feeling drained, your car battery can need the same recharge treatment or even replacement. Your car’s essential power system consists of a rechargeable 12-volt battery, which in most cars is accompanied by a volt regulator and the alternator. Failure of any of these components could lead to your battery warning light coming on. While technically you wont damage your engine by driving with this light on, it is better to be safe than sorry; have a technician check this problem out ASAP.
Is you car feeling burnt out? Pop in to a Jiffy Lube near you today, and we’ll put your battery to the test!

Oil Pressure Warning Light

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It’s a well-known fact that your car needs a minimum amount of fuel to get you from point A to point B, but did you know that the same goes for your vehicle’s oil level? This light will illuminate when your oil level dips below the necessary level needed to maintain ideal pressure. As oil is crucial to the functionality of your engine, when you see this light come on, it is best to pull over in a safe place and call the professionals, who can instruct you on the best course of action.
Before you have an oil light emergency – find your local Jiffy Lube contact information to have on hand!

Oil Change/ Service Light 

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Just like our signature “service reminder sticker” reminding you its time for an oil change, your car has the capability to warn you as well. Modern technology has given your car the ability to tell you when it needs to be serviced, however, it is best not to rely on this light and follow your car’s required service intervals.
Not familiar with your vehicle’s service requirements? No problem, at Jiffy Lube, we sure are!


ABS Warning Light

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If you have ever had to come to a stop quickly and felt the pulsing of your brake pedal under your foot – that’s your ABS reminding you it’s there to help. The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) aids your normal braking system by preventing it from locking up when coming to an abrupt stop. The ABS warning light could mean an array of things such as low brake fluid level, or even a fault in the electrical system.
While your vehicle may still have normal brake function, if you find yourself faced with this light it is best to have your car towed to the shop.
When the ABS lights come on, your trusted Jiffy Lube technician can suggest a great garage that will do thorough brake onceover! 

Brake & ABS Warning Light 

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As you know now, from reading above, brakes are a pretty crucial component of the functionality of your vehicle, therefore, this light should not be ignored. If you’re driving along and all of a sudden both your ABS and brake light come on, no need to panic! You can reduce your speed naturally by removing your foot from the gas, and gently pump your brake pedal to come to a slow and steady stop. Once safely stopped contact a shop (and possibly a tow truck driver) to have this taken care of immediately.
An annual brake inspection is always recommended and your local Jiffy Lube can assist you in finding a qualified mechanic nearby to assist!

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.34.46 PM

Ah, the wheel, what a beautiful invention. Let’s talk tires. Your vehicle’s tires not only allow you to be in motion, but also help to provide proper vehicle handing and load-carrying capabilities (that’s you!). The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) does just as the name says –monitors your tire pressure. When this light illuminates, it can mean you have over or under-inflated tires. Both levels of inflation can affect your vehicle’s control and traction, or ultimately impact the life of your tires.
Keep your vehicle on a roll. Pop into a Jiffy Lube near you for pressure checks without the pressure to buy into unnecessary upgrades.

Temperature Warning Light

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Too hot, too cold…how about just right! Whether it’s anti-freeze in the winter, or engine coolant during the warmer months, keeping your car running at a moderate temperature is paramount to top-notch vehicle function. As an automobile operator, you can do your part by monitoring the dashboard temperature gauge, however, most vehicles are equipped with a temperature warning light that will let you know when your vehicle’s climate is less than ideal. This warning light can signal many issues, including: a gauge reading error, low coolant levels, or even excessive fluid flow within the engine’s cooling system. To avoid detrimental engine damage, be sure to take you car in for service immediately, when faced with this warning light.
Prevent the dreaded damage of overheating or freezing! Stop by your neighbourhood Jiffy Lube to have the job done with expert efficiency.


We hope our insight into your dashboard lights will prevent you from feeling panic or the pain of a vehicle breakdown.

Want to know more? Head in to your local Jiffy Lube today and one of our trained technicians will be continue your dashboard education.


Drive In. Drive on.