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Dust, dirt and grime, oh my!

Working as a layer of security, air filtration systems let the good air in and stop the bad impurities from entering your vehicle. Want to know more about the two elements of your vehicle’s air filtration system? We’re glad you’ve asked!

Air Filter
This component stops contaminants in their tracks before they reach your engine. How does it work, you may ask? The vehicle air filter is a pass through for all air entering your engine. As the air passes through the filter, environmental impurities like dirt, dust and grime are removed, allowing only clean air to pass through. Once the clean air passes through the filter it is mixed with the fuel to power your vehicle.

If you’ve notice that your car isn’t measuring up in the fuel economy department, it may be time to have your filter changed.

Cabin Air Filter
Aspiring to be your lungs best friend is your cabin air filter. This trusty road trip companion filters out allergens, grime and gases from entering your car’s interior. Keeping up with regular maintenance will keep you breathing easy, as allergens and dust can collect and inhibit filter performance.

Like its indoor relative – the furnace filter, your vehicle’s filters need to be checked and changed regularly to continue function at peak performance levels. Stop in at a Jiffy Lube near you today to have our technician do a once over on your air filtration system.

Drive In. Drive On.