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According to Statistics Canada, Canadian drivers spend an average of 25.4 minutes driving to work, with many individuals spending up to 45 minutes on the road.

When commuting in the fall, Canadian drivers are presented with a ton of obstacles; roads are covered with frost and leaves, deer are on the move (especially from 6-9pm) and we start to experience foggy mornings and less daylight. These factors combined with changing weather conditions and accidents can cause an undesirable increase in travel time.

Commuting can be stressful, but the secret is to feel comfortable and look at your drive home from work as a window of opportunity despite the delays. Here are 6 ways to make your commute more enjoyable:

1.     Carpool: Commuting alone can make your trip seem longer, try joining a Rideshare program and engage in conversation to pass the time. You just might learn something or develop a friendship! Plus, you’ll be reducing the amount of vehicles on the road so you can get home quicker.

2.     Loosen up: Sitting in the driver’s seat after a long day can make you feel restless. Do a couple of stretches (paying special attention to your hip flexors and chest) before jumping in the car.

3.     Bring an extra pair of shoes: Give your feet a break and leave a pair of comfy, well-worn shoes in your car at all times. Taking off your heels at the end of the day sends a signal to your brain that the stress of the day is over!

4.     Unplug: Let your commute be your chance to disconnect; reflect, enjoy the scenery and be mindful of yourself and your emotions.

5.     Create a playlist: Tired of listening to your go-to radio personality? Put together a playlist in advance that will motivate you on the drive to work, or help you wind down after a long day.

6.     Pack a snack: Fueling your vehicle is just as important as fueling yourself. Prepare a healthy, easy-to-consume snack (smoothies are great!) to help you forget about the traffic jam, and avoid becoming “hangry” (when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both!)

Whether you are carpooling in a Rideshare program, or facing the roads alone this fall, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is equipped to handle the drive to work.

Be prepared

As temperatures drop, put your mind at ease and make sure your vehicle is stocked with an ice scraper, a blanket, gloves and even a first aid kit in case of an emergency. By making sure your gas tank is at least half full before your commute home, encountering heavy volumes of traffic won’t cause you any unnecessary stress.

For more tips on how to transition your vehicle into the fall season visit our Seasonal Maintenance Solutions for Transitioning Your Car Into Fall blog. Before the cold weather really kicks in, take your car to your local Jiffy Lube for preventive vehicle maintenance you can trust to get you home from your commute safe and sound.