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Pennzoil Oil Change

Be Wise and Winterize and save $10.00 on your next Pennzoil Jiffy Lube Oil Change!


Our Signature Service Guarantee

Here at Jiffy Lube™ we’re about more than just an oil change. We believe every service should be done properly and you should be driving out satisfied. That’s why we offer Our Signature Service Guarantee, protecting our products and workmanship for 3 months or 5,000 km after the service. If you should happen to have an issue with any service performed at our centre, or if you feel your experience could have been enhanced, just return or contact us and we will work to make it right. In a Jiffy.

My signature is my commitment to you.

Josh Jarvis Your Local Location Manager

Josh Jarvis

Location Manager

Josh Jarvis

Location Manager

Tips in a Jiffy

Avoid tailgating and driving alongside big trucks whenever possible. If you can't see the truck driver's face in the side mirror, he or she can't see you. Learn More

Earn 25 Bonus Air Miles® & Save up to $25

Be Wise and Winterize to Earn Big Savings.


Seasonal Slang: What Technicians Really Mean When They Suggest ‘Winter Air’ For Your Tires

If we had a say in the content that goes into your vehicle’s owner’s manual we would request that a very key section be added […]

Join the Crew that Cares

At Jiffy Lube, our team is built from personality and passion.

We are always interested in having people join us that share our mindset of going above and beyond, and that will work to maintain more than just cars, but relationships.

If you believe you have the charisma that will cause a customer to return, and the kind of warm attitude that makes everyone feel welcome to drive on in, we want to hear from you!

To apply for any position within a Jiffy Lube Service Center, please visit the location near you