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We Never Tire of Helping Our Customers

Welcome to the North Bay Tire Bay! We’re a full-service tire shop with an expert team of technicians ready to service your vehicle at your convenience. From brand new tire sales, to routine maintenance (balancing, switchovers, rotations, mounting and dismounting), to tire repairs and TPMS sensor programming, we work tirelessly to keep your vehicle rolling.

      Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is the act of ensuring the weight of your vehicle is evenly distributed on the axle of your vehicle. Balanced tires are important because they eliminate or reduce the vibrations that may be felt when you are driving your vehicle, and unbalanced tires could cause damage. Our Jiffy Lube® team at North Bay will balance your tires to ensure a more comfortable drive in your car. Once you drive out in a Jiffy, your tires will endure elements and bumps that can affect the balance of your tires again. This is why it is important to have your tires balanced regularly.

       Tire Repair

When a flat tire pops a hole in your plans, head to the North Bay Tire Bay Jiffy Lube®. Our trained technicians will inspect your tire with trusted expertise. You may be wondering how does a flat repair work? We’re happy to tell you! When you arrive at our location with a flat tire, we will inspect the tire to locate the area and source of the leak. If repairable we will patch it up, check for proper inflation and have you on your way, in a Jiffy! Also – a word to the wise! When a flat tire strikes pull over as soon as it is safe to avoid damaging your rims.

       Tire Rotation Services

Ready, set, let’s roll. Having your tires rotated on a regular basis is not only recommended by your owner’s manual and tire manufacturers, but it is an important task relating to good car care. Your tires are a crucial component to your vehicle’s functionality, as all the engine power in the world won’t compensate for a flat or unusable tire. When you drive into Jiffy Lube® at North Bay to have a tire rotation service conducted, our technicians will not only rotate your tires front to back and left to right according to your owner’s manual recommendations, but they will also check for tread wear and proper inflation. Drive In, Roll On – in a Jiffy.

       Tire Sales

Count on Jiffy Lube® for tires you can trust. Choose from a wide variety of popular, quality brand name tires for all vehicle makes and models.

Not sure which tires are right for you and your vehicle? The Jiffy Lube® team at North Bay is here to help. Come in today to learn more about the tires we carry and get a fast, free quote! Installation can usually be booked for the very next day.

        Tire Switch (On Rims)

The proper tires, combined with weather-appropriate driving behaviour, greatly increases driving safety. This is especially true in the winter season when colder weather means that driving conditions worsen and the risk of road accidents is increased.

Whether you are putting winter tires on, or switching them out in the spring, Jiffy Lube® at North Bay has the tire switch service to meet your needs. Simply Drive In, have your seasonal tire change completed, and drive on ready to face the seasonal elements. No appointment!


       Mounting and Dismounting Tires

No second set of rims? No problem!

The technicians at Jiffy Lube® North Bay are well trained to install tires on wheels. In the spring and fall (usually when the
weather hovers around 7 degrees), drive into our bays anytime to have last season’s tires dismounted
and this season’s tires mounted onto rims.

We go the extra mile! Once your tires have been dismounted, we’ll clean the rims and bead, thoroughly
inspecting them for any damage or leaks. We’ll replace valve stems and use bead sealant to prevent slow
leaks. Then, we’ll reinstall either your winter or summer tires.

Jiffy Lube® is also happy to mount/dismount tires that cannot be rotated using conventional methods. Pop
in to see us every 8,000 – 10,000 kms.