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Say goodbye to April showers and cue the unofficial start of the Canadian summer. With the Victoria Day long weekend behind us, many of you will now be hitting the open road for the first of many summer road trips.

Picture this. You’re motoring along to your sunny destination of choice and a roadside emergency hits! Are you prepared to handle the situation? Kudos to you if you already have the emergency essentials in your car and a plan in place. If not, we’ve got you covered! Read on for items that every road wise driver should pack in their kit.

1. First Aid Kit: Not just a seasonal staple – this year-round emergency car kit essential should be maintained and restocked seasonally. Not sure what to include? Check out what the Canadian Red Cross recommends.

#JiffySays that with summertime comes allergy season. Have allergy medication on hand for those unexpected seasonal allergy reactions!

2. Seasonal Protection: With the warm weather comes an entire new set of elements that you need to be prepared for. Protect yourself from the hot summer sun by keeping a ball cap or wide brimmed hat and a bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen in your emergency kit.

#JiffySays you should also keep bug spray on hand. If you get stranded on a country road, you’ll thank us!

3. Rainware: While a cool summer rain may feel refreshing, we’re betting you don’t want to get soaked while tending to a flat tire. Shield yourself from the elements with a raincoat or small compact umbrella.

#JiffySays if you don’t have a raincoat, pick up an inexpensive rain poncho or two to include in your kit.

4. Flashlight: Lighten up! Since humans don’t have the benefit of night vision, make sure you have a flashlight on hand for when you find yourself stopped street-side in the dark. This can double as a safety measure as you will be more visible to passing motorists.

#JiffySays make sure you test your flashlight regularly and keep extra batteries on hand.

5. Visibility Kit: When stranded roadside you want to see and be seen. Stock your summertime emergency kit with a few reflective triangles to place around your vehicle to alert other motorists that you are stopped. Stocking up on several road flares will also help you to be seen miles away when in low traffic areas.

#JiffySays consider keeping a reflective vest in your glove box to ensure your highly visible at all times when a roadside emergency hits.

6. Water/Food: This may seem like a no brainer but is something that is often overlooked when creating an emergency car kit. You should keep a minimum of one bottle of water per person on hand at all times, replenishing as necessary. Consider keeping non-perishable food items such as dry cereal, trail mix or granola bars in your car kit as well, just in case.

#JiffySays be doubly prepared before heading out on a road trip. Put together an easily accessible snack pack with fresh water and your favourite munchies.

7. Phone Charger: Before leaving on a road trip you should always ensure your phone is fully charged, but of course things happen. Modern day smart phones have an app for just about everything including CAA and a handy flashlight feature. To ensure your phone isn’t running on empty when you really need it, always keep a car charger, or portable battery bank close at hand.

#JiffySays keep a list of important numbers including your insurance company, CAA and emergency contacts in your centre console so they are easily accessible at all times.

8. Jumper Cables: You never know when you or another motorist will need a boost. You should invest in a quality pair of jumper cables that are at least 10 ft. in length, and keep these handy cables in your car year-round.

#JiffySays print off a copy of our ‘Get a Jump on It’ blog article detailing how to boost your battery and keep it with your jumper cables.

9. Tool Kit: You never know when commonly used tools will come in handy. Keep a small compact multi-tool kit in your emergency kit at all times. We recommend this include a screwdriver with multiple bits, a few feet of rope or twine, pliers and various wrench sizes.

#JiffySays keep an emergency multi-tool that is a combination of a seatbelt cutter and window breaking hammer in your vehicles centre console at all times.

10. Flat Tire Essentials: Nothing deflates your plans as quickly as a flat tire. Inspecting your tires regularly and being aware of their condition can help give you confidence when on the road, but unexpected flats do happen. Investing in a flat repair kit and keeping a tire pressure gauge in your roadside emergency kit can help to keep you rolling forward.

#JiffySays you should make sure that all your tire changing necessities such as a jack and tire iron are in your car at all times. Be sure to check the condition of your spare tire seasonally to confirm it’s in good condition when you need it.

Last but not least, #JiffySays you should pack a map and compass in your emergency kit. Many of us use our smartphones GPS app to get us to and from our destinations, and more often then not it may lead us to place without reliable cell service. You never know where your summer adventures will take you!

Once you’ve gathered up all of your essential items, pack them up in a crate or storage container so that they are always closes at hand. We know that cargo space is valuable, but it’s a small space to give up for big peace of mind.

Have questions or car maintenance concerns? Stop in at your local Jiffy Lube today and we’ll ensure your car is road trip ready. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, preventative maintenance is the best preparation.

Drive In. Drive On.