Drive clean is a mandatory vehicle emissions inspection, testing and maintenance program for all vehicles of a certain age in Ontario.

In order to help eliminate the amount of pollutants cars dispel and to help keep our air clean, the Drive Clean Emissions Test identifies areas within your vehicle that may be dispelling pollutants, and may need to be repaired. To find out if you need an eTest visit the Drive Clean website.

 Our Process

Our Jiffy Lube® Technicians will perform the eTest, provide you with test results and inform you on the process for any required repairs.

Let’s keep Ontario air fresh and healthy. If you’re due for a Drive Clean Emissions Test visit us and we’ll get your car in tiptop condition – in a Jiffy!

Why was the Drive Clean eTest program introduced?

The Drive Clean Emissions Testing Program was introduced in the province of Ontario in 1999 with the sole purpose of reducing damaging exhaust emissions caused by automobiles. Vehicles are to be put through a pre-test check, on-board diagnostic system test, tailpipe test, heavy-duty vehicle test (if required), and opacity tests (for heavy-duty vehicles only) every 2 years.

What is the difference between Drive Clean and eTests?

There really is no difference. By law, the Drive Clean Emissions Test evaluates vehicles to ensure that they meet the Ontario emissions safety standards. This term is frequently used when speaking about the Ontario vehicle Initiative but represents equivalently the same thing as an eTest. Both complete a safety emissions test on your vehicle.

What positive changes have occurred since Drive Clean eTest Program was introduced?

Since the eTesting inception 17 years ago, the Drive Clean Emissions Test has been credited with keeping 335,000 tones of pollutants out of the air. Overall, there has been a 42% drop in CO2 levels since 2014. As Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy sets out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050, we know and understand that reducing automobile emissions through eTests and eTest repairs is a big part of making this strategy become tangible results.

What is the cost of a Drive Clean Emissions Test?

For years Ontario drivers have had to dig into their pockets to pay a $30.00 for a mandatory eTest. The Government of Ontario has decided to scrap the bi-annual eTest fee and will no longer have vehicle owners foot the bill to run the diagnostic test. While getting an eTest is still mandatory every two years, it will be available free of charge. These changes will take affect in 2017-2018.

Who can perform a Drive Clean Emissions Test?

eTests must be performed at an accredited facility by a certified inspector. These private operators (for example your local Jiffy Lube Technician) will run the eTest and provide you with an eTest report.

When do I need to take my vehicle in for a Drive Clean Emissions Test?

A Drive Clean eTest is required for vehicles over 7-years-old every two years. Drive Clean eTests may also be required in the event that a vehicle is being sold and transferred to a new owner.

Do I need an appointment for a Drive Clean Emissions Test?

You can drive in to an accredited Jiffy Lube Ontario location anytime the store is open for a Drive Clean eTest. No appointment necessary!

What is tested during a Drive Clean Emissions test?

Below are some of the most common eTesting procedures for a used vehicle in Ontario.

Pre eTest Check

  • Missing catalytic converter and/or gas cap
  • Defects in the fuel filler pipe
  • Issues with the on-board computer system that would prevent the vehicle from being tested
  • Visible smoke coming from tailpipe

On board diagnostic

  • During the eTest, the information stored in your vehicle’s on-board computer is analyzed to determine if your vehicle’s emissions systems are working properly and are not releasing pollutants beyond your vehicle’s emissions standards

Tailpipe test

  • For vehicles without an on board computer, a tailpipe test is performed to measure emission levels. Specifically, this test measures carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

What happens after your Drive Clean emissions test?

Our Jiffy Lube® Technicians will perform the eTest, provide you with test results and inform you on the process for any required repairs.

How long are Drive Clean eTest results valid?

Generally, the pass report is good for 12 months (or 1 year). However, a pass report used for an ownership transfer can be used to renew a vehicle’s registration at any point during the calendar year that follows the eTest.

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