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Your Drive Clean Test Is Now FREE

If your light-duty vehicle is due for a Drive Clean emissions test as a condition of its registration renewal, the test is now free for you!

Generally, you need to get the test on light duty vehicles (most cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks) every 2 years, once your vehicle is 7 years old. Larger vehicles (called ‘heavy-duty’ vehicles) require the test every year, once they are 7 years old.

The Ministry of Transportation will notify you when your vehicle needs an emissions test, when you receive your registration renewal documents either online or in the mail.

You can also use their online tools to find out if you need a Drive Clean test and to search your vehicle’s Drive Clean History. Visit

Our Process

Our Jiffy Lube® Technicians will perform the eTest, provide you with test results and inform you on the process for any required repairs.

Let’s keep Ontario air fresh and healthy. If you’re due for a Drive Clean Emissions Test visit us and we’ll get your car in tiptop condition – in a Jiffy!

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Test Fees for Light Duty Vehicles:

  • First test for registration renewal: FREE (regardless of test result)
  • 1st retest: Same facility $17.50 + HST  (Different facility $30 + HST)
  • 2nd retest: Same facility $17.50 + HST  (Different facility $30 + HST)
  • 3rd or more retests: $30 + HST

What Happens if My Vehicle Fails the Test?

Information on what to do if your vehicle fails its emissions test will be provided with your inspection report or you can visit

Changes to the Repair Cost Limit and Conditional Passes

The following changes regarding repairs have been made:

  • Diagnostic and monitor setting fees, while still mandatory, no longer count towards the Repair Cost Limit. Only direct repair costs are included in the Repair Cost Limit.
  • A vehicle that receives a Conditional Pass after April 1, 2017 will be prohibited from receiving a consecutive Conditional Pass and will need to be fully repaired before the next test cycle. This means vehicle owners will have two years to save for necessary repairs.
  • The Repair Cost Limit will increase annually according to the Consumer Price Index. The first increase will happen January 1, 2018. Visit for the current Repair Cost Limit.

These changes will ensure polluting vehicles are repaired and protect the air we breathe.

Test Requirements to Sell or Transfer a Vehicle

A Drive Clean emissions test is no longer required when selling a light-duty vehicle. As a buyer, you can ask the owner to perform a Drive Clean emissions test and provide the results before buying the vehicle. A buyer may also check a vehicle’s most recent Drive Clean test results on

Save Time by Skipping the Lines

Use your Drive Clean Inspection Report to renew your licence plate sticker online! Visit

Drive Clean Emissions Testing is Available at:

Services can vary per Jiffy Lube®. Find the Jiffy Lube® closest to you today.