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In the excitement of trick-or-treating, Halloween is an occasion where most little ghosts and goblins forget about important safety precautions. For this reason, it is essential that parents and motorists are aware of the safety measures that are involved in keeping everyone safe on Halloween night. It’s best to avoid driving if possible in subdivisions during the hours of 6-9 pm when most trick-or-treating takes place. However if you must get behind the wheel there are several Halloween safety “tricks” to keep everyone safe: 

Here are some safe driving tips to remember while out and about on Halloween Night: 

Speed control

Although you drive at a certain speed around your neighborhood on a daily basis, on Halloween night it is highly recommended to drive even slower than normal and be very alert on roads, driveways and alleys. Take your speed into consideration, especially when driving in residential areas, being conscious that there may be pedestrians of all ages roaming around. You don’t want to find you don’t have enough time to stop should anyone unexpectedly run onto the road, or fail to notice someone because you’re going too fast.  

We recommend replacing old, worn out windshield wipers with newer ones that are more effective in clearing your view and making it easier to see darker costumes. If your blades have seen better days, come in for a FREE, no appointment wiper blade replacement service at your nearest Jiffy Lube®! 


It is especially important to avoid distracted driving on Halloween. Put your phone down so you can keep your full attention on the road and your surroundings. If you are driving the vehicle while in a Halloween costume, we recommend taking off any masks or large hats that could get in your way or impair your vision while driving. If you’re playing Halloween music for the kids, keep it at a lower level so you can to hear if there are any kids or other pedestrians around. 


Halloween can bring about some foggy weather, so always remember to use your lights when needed. Here at Jiffy Lube® we know proper lighting is essential to help you see the road clearly. Worried about your view of the road? Come into your local Jiffy Lube® for a complimentary light inspection any time! (link to services page)  

Child Safety

If you’re driving children around for trick or treating, make sure the kids are buckled up safely in a child car seat or the vehicle seat belt. Do this each and every time they enter the car, and check before driving to the next stop. Another tip is to pull over to safe locations to let children exit the car curbside, away from the traffic. Use your hazard lights to grab the attention of other drivers of your car location and to implement extra caution.  

Stop by your local Jiffy Lube® to get a vehicle dashboard inspection to make sure your hazard lights are operating properly (link to services page) in order to keep you, your neighborhood and family safe this Halloween.  

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from Jiffy Lube® 

Halloween is a magical time of year for our youth. Follow our driving tips and join us in our effort to keep communities safe and accident-free this Halloween!