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Breaking News: Spring weather may cause the urge to take frequent road trips.

Who doesn’t love those first warm weekends of spring when you can crack the windows, crank the tunes and drive comfortably to your destination without worries of atrocious weather? You may be ready for some road tripping; your vehicle on the other hand may not be.

Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons, your car care should too. Let’s dive right into what your vehicle needs to keep it driving smoothly into spring.

Tire Transformation

Chances are you have made the switch to winter tires in order to be better prepared for the adverse driving conditions that these infamous Canadian winters throw our way. But snow tires are meant for just that…snow! Once the weather warms up, swap those back out for your standard all-season tires. Snow tires perform best when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius; therefore once the weather conditions meet or exceed that, the tires start to lose their performance value.

Quick Tip: If you have noted on your insurance policy that you have winter tires on your vehicle, there may be a timeframe in which you can do a tire swap (usually around April 1). Always consult your insurance company for their specific regulations prior to making vehicle modifications.

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Fluids Facts

Your vehicle fluids are usually the easiest and most cost-conscious seasonal change; however, it is often neglected and eventually can lead to exorbitant repairs. First, after cleaning your windshield countless times throughout the winter, your reservoir might need to be topped up (if it isn’t already empty). Additionally, some fluids that may crave a little TLC include: transmission fluids, standard engine oil, brake fluid and power-steering fluid.

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Filter Focus

Cabin filters, air filters, engine filters, oh my! Let’s talk filters. We all are pretty familiar with or have been prompted about changing our engine’s oil filters, but the majority of people tend to dismiss their vehicles owners manual when it comes to this matter. Oil filters help to remove contaminants from the oil and lubricants, which will keep those fluids flushing flawlessly. Now that we’ve covered a filter that takes care of your car, lets talk about another filter that focuses on the passengers. The cabin air filter removes impurities such as pollen and road dust. Leave winter behind and breathe easy this spring by having your cabin air filter changed on your next service.

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Light The Way

The lights on your car allow you to see and be seen by other vehicles on the road, which is why your spring maintenance mandate should include a thorough once-over of the vehicles lighting system. Be sure to check that your headlights, tail lights, high beams, signals and four-way flashers are in good working order.

Quick Tip: When tackling your spring car-cleaning checklist, give your light covers a good scrub to remove the build up of grime that undoubtedly accumulated over the winter.

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Wipe Away Winter

Wiper blades are to your vehicles windshield, as a shotgun rider is to your road trip — essential. These handy little helpers not only help to wipe away the droplets of a spring rain, but also can be utilized to keep your windshield clean. Unfortunately, they are exposed unshielded to the elements all winter long and can take quite a beating. Swapping these out seasonally will give you the green light on clear vision as you drive into spring.

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Drive in. Drive on.