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You’re late for work, need to drop the kids off, and still haven’t had your coffee. Then you see the little light on your dashboard. It’s been on for more than a few weeks now. On top of everything, you’re now worrying about where you’ll fit a trip to the dealership into your schedule.

How Long Should an Oil Change Really Take?

But getting an oil change shouldn’t be an hours-long endeavour at the dealership! The actual time it takes to complete an oil change is not monumental. Although you might find yourself in the dealership waiting room for a few hours, oil changes can take as little as 15 minutes with a skilled technician at Jiffy Lube®. Drive your vehicle into Jiffy Lube®, no appointment, and “drive on” with your day. Our process ensures that you are safe and comfortable throughout your oil change.

The Oil Change Process

With our zero-touch safety measures in place, you can skip the dealership waiting rooms, skip the shuttles back and forth, skip the outdated magazines, and simply stay in your car. Our contactless payment option allows you to pay with tap through your car window.

Warranty-Approved Oil Changes

Not only do we offer a drive-thru, zero-touch service, but our oil changes are also warranty-approved. Even if your new car is still under warranty, don’t worry about a long wait at the dealership. Take your car to Jiffy Lube® for an easy, warranty-approved oil change that takes only 15 to 30 minutes!

Other Great Reasons to Skip the Dealership:

Drive-Thru Service

Seasonal Tire Switches

Battery Replacements

No Appointment

Exclusive Promotions

Wiper Blade Replacements

Vehicle Light Replacements

Zero-Touch Service & Payment


Rather than plan your whole day around a dealership oil change appointment, take control of your schedule! Jiffy Lube® makes getting your oil change fast and convenient, so you can spend less time on car maintenance and more time doing things you enjoy.

Where to Get an Oil Change

With over 50 locations across Ontario, you will always find a Jiffy Lube® that fits your busy lifestyle. For more information about our services, click the “Find a Jiffy Lube®” button at the top of the page! Drive In. Drive On.