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Car Battery Replacement in Halifax

At Jiffy Lube® Halifax, we can ensure you choose the right battery for your vehicle. Our technicians have the proper tools to change out the old battery while keeping radio stations and existing electronic information intact within your vehicle. We will replace your new vehicle battery and ensure your old one is disposed of properly.
When it comes time to purchase or replace your car battery, come to Jiffy Lube® Halifax at your convenience. No appointment!

How often should you replace your car’s battery?

Should you replace your car battery before it dies? It’s a good question. There won't always be obvious signs that your car’s battery is dying, so regular vehicle inspections will save you both time and money. Car batteries need proper testing and diagnostics every three to four months, and they usually last three to five years. If your battery is in that range, it may be time for a replacement. That’s one way to tell when your car battery needs replacing.
Car battery life spans can also be affected by driving habits and environmental conditions, which could accelerate the need for a battery replacement. Jiffy Lube® Halifax can help you determine when to replace your car battery.

Signs that your car battery needs to be replaced

  • Check engine warning light is on
  • Headlights are dimmer than usual
  • Car is not starting or taking a while to start up
  • The engine cranks slower than normal
  • The engine cranks but won’t start
  • The radio or other electronic accessories are not turning on
  • Car makes a clicking sound when you try to start

Jiffy Lube® Halifax can help determine the health of your existing battery, or if you just want to replace it, our technicians will recommend the right battery for your vehicle.

Causes for dead car batteries

There are many common mistakes that can decrease your car battery’s lifespan. To help extend your car battery’s life, avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Forgetting to turn off your car’s accessories, such as the interior and exterior lights
  • Not starting your car for an extended period
  • Leaving your car in a very old, unsheltered environment for a long time

Other causes of a dead car battery can include a bad charging system, extreme hot or cold temperatures, a parasitic drain, poor or corroded connections, or regular aging. Whatever the cause, if you sense your car battery may need to be replaced soon, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube® Halifax before you’re left in a frustrating situation.

Replacing car batteries at Jiffy Lube® Halifax!

When you choose to get your vehicle’s battery checked and replaced at Jiffy Lube® Halifax, you can drive on knowing our qualified technicians have installed the best car battery for your vehicle. We also ensure old batteries are disposed of safely and properly.
If it’s been a while since your last car battery replacement service, drive into Jiffy Lube® Halifax today!

Other Services Offered in this City

  • Battery Terminal Cleaning
  • Battery End Cable Replacement
  • Battery Diagnostic Service
  • Battery Replacement
  • Check and Fill Differential fluid
  • Check and Fill Power steering fluid
  • Check and Fill Tire Pressure to proper PSI
  • Check and Fill Transfer case fluid
  • Check and Fill Transmission/transaxle fluid
  • Check and Fill Windshield washer fluid
  • Inspect and Report on Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs)
  • Inspect and Report on Serpentine belts condition
  • Inspect and Report on Wiper blade condition
  • Inspect and Report on Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
  • Inspect and Report on Engine air filtration system
  • Inspect and Report on all Exterior lights
  • Inspect and Report on Cabin Air Filter
  • *Up to a maximum of 1 litre per fluid
  • Vehicle Light Bulb Replacement
  • Passenger Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • Engine Air Filter Changes and Replacements
  • Cooling System Fluid Exchange
  • Front and Rear Differential Service
  • Transfer Case Service
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostic
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement Service
  • Tire Sales
  • Tire Balancing
  • Tire Switch
  • Tire Switch (On Rims)
  • Tire Repair
  • Tire Rotation
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • Manual Transmission Services
  • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement