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The new year brings with it a fresh, clean start. It gives us the chance to make resolutions and establish new habits and goals for the year ahead. Maybe this year you’ve vowed to take better care of your car, maintaining a polished, sparkling exterior that turns heads while you drive.

Keeping your ride shiny is an important part of caring for your car, but you should be considering more than just your vehicle’s appearance when striving to drive clean. If the emissions system in your car is not properly maintained, your vehicle could be releasing pollutants and toxic chemicals into the air. The exterior may be pristine, but your car is dirtier than you realize.

It’s your responsibility as an Ontario driver to ensure you’re up to date on Drive Clean Emissions Testing. Here are our top reasons (in addition to the fact that it’s the law!) why you shouldn’t delay your Drive Clean Emissions Test.

Note: Keeping up on regular vehicle maintenance can improve your chances of avoiding a failing grade on your Drive Clean Emissions Test. If you suspect your vehicle may be due for a particular service, please visit our website and see which preventive maintenance services are offered at your local Jiffy Lube!

Emissions Testing Is The Law

While some vehicle types and areas of Ontario are exempt from the Drive Clean program most drivers are required by law to make sure they drive clean. In cases where a driver is not exempt, when a vehicle in Ontario hits its seventh birthday a Drive Clean emissions test is required every two years following this milestone.

If you’re driving a heavy-duty vehicle that’s at least 7 years old, you will need to have it tested every year. It’s also important to remember that when buying or selling a used car you’ll need an emissions test before transferring the ownership.

Did you know that some Jiffy Lube Ontario locations are accredited Drive Clean Emissions Testing Facilities? If you find yourself in either of the scenarios above, find your local Jiffy Lube to see if Drive Clean Emissions Testing is available. No appointment necessary!

Check Your Vehicles Emissions: The Planet Will Thank You

Transportation contributes significantly to the release of green house gasses into our atmosphere, but there are ways to clean-up vehicle emissions. Your car’s catalytic converter turns unhealthy gasses produced by the engine into less toxic gasses, which means cleaner driving that’s less harmful for the environment. By making sure the emissions system in your vehicle is in good, working order, you can limit the impact of car pollution. Emissions testing, it’s the green thing to do.

Vehicle Aging is Inevitable

As your vehicle ages, it experiences wear and tear on the systems that keep it running. Regular check-ups and preventative maintenance help to limit the damage when you do need to get your car serviced. Also, regular maintenance of your air and fuel system can improve vehicle efficiency, reducing not only harmful pollutants, but also improving fuel economy and extending engine life. With this in mind, we always recommend pairing preventive vehicle maintenance with keeping up on your Drive Clean Emissions testing to ensure your car stays in the best condition possible as it ages over time.

Don’t wait for a letter from the Ministry of Transport saying it’s time – get your emissions test today. Find a Jiffy Lube location near you and get Drive Clean Emissions Test checked off your to do list. With no appointment necessary there’s nothing stopping you from Driving in and Driving on!