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What is Drive Clean Emission Testing (eTest)?

Drive clean is a mandatory vehicle emissions inspection, testing and maintenance program for all vehicles of a certain age in Ontario. The Drive Clean emission testing determines if your vehicle meets Ontario emissions standards.

Vehicles account for about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to help eliminate the amount of pollutants cars dispel and to help keep our air clean, the eTest identifies areas within your vehicle that may be dispelling pollutants that may need to be repaired.

To learn more about Drive Clean Emissions Testing, please visit this Government of Ontario website.



*An official mark of the Province of Ontario used under licence. Jiffy Lube is an Accredited Drive Clean Test Facility. 

Do I need a Drive Clean Emissions Test?

There are two situations where a vehicle requires an eTest:

Tests for light-duty vehicles

Most cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks and motorhomes with a gross weight rating of 4,500 kilograms or less that are seven years and older require a Drive Clean test every two years for registration renewal purposes.

As for April 1, 2017, a Drive Clean test is no longer needed for ownership transfers resulting from buying a used vehicle, and initial registration of out-of-province and out-of-country vehicles.

Vehicles seven years and older undergoing a family transfer where the retail tax exemption is used, require a Drive Clean test if that vehicle is due for a test at the time of the transfer

Test for heavy-duty vehicles

Vehicles with a registered gross weight over 4,500 kilograms, such as large trucks and motorhomes and buses, that are seven years and older require an annual Drive Clean test for registration renewal purposes.

Heavy-duty vehicles older than the current model year require a Drive Clean pass at resale in order to register the vehicle to the new owner.

What is the Cost and How Often Do I need to get an eTest?

For years Ontario drivers have had to dig into their pockets to pay a $30.00 fee for a mandatory eTest.

The Government of Ontario has decided to scrap the bi-annual test fee and will no longer have vehicle owners foot the bill to run the diagnostic test. While still a mandatory test every two years, it will be available free of charge.

This is great news for Ontario drivers and their wallets!

Passing the Drive Clean Emissions Test

While the cost of the test will be covered, a passing grade is needed to keep Ontario’s air clean. For vehicles that do not make the cut, drivers will be required to pay for any deemed necessary repairs.

If the required repairs total $450.00, a conditional pass may be given to the driver to allow them to renew their ownership while completing the repairs in a timely manner.

Why is scoring well on my Drive Clean Emissions Testing Important?

Another important benefit of getting regular eTests is their positive effect on the environment! Since 2012 Ontario has seen 32 smog days, compared to 109 smog days between 2005 and 2007! This is in part due to a 42% drop in CO2 levels since 2014. Drive Clean tests not only save you money, but also make driving with the windows down a more enjoyable experience!

How do I get my vehicle ready for a drive clean test?

To get your car ready for your test, make sure to drive for a few days in regular driving conditions. This may include highway and or city driving.

Vehicles have “drive cycles” which are specific to your vehicles make and model. To learn about your drive cycle, you can search online, check your owner’s manual, or stop by your local Jiffy Lube.

Where Can I go to Get My Vehicle eTested?

Tests must be performed at an accredited facility by a certified inspector. These private operators (for example your local Jiffy Lube Technician) will run the test and provide you with a test report.

Visit our Drive Clean page to learn more. Please note that not all Jiffy Lube Ontario locations offer Drive Clean Emissions Testing. A list of stores that offer the service are provided below.

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